October 24, 2017

How to hire an illustrator

Are you searching for an illustrator? Here's a list of things you should take into consideration:

-How many illustrations do you need?
Covers only? One for every chapter? Count how many illustrations do you need. The cover illustrations are more expensive than the interior ones.
-Color or B&W?
Coloring takes a lot of time, so B&W is cheaper. 
-Do you need it fast?
If the work is urgent it cost more (because the illustrator will have to decline any other job offers while yours is in progress).
-Good or cheap?
You can't have it all. Good illustrators are expensive. 

So, once you have it all clear. How do you find the illustrator you need?
Google 'Illustrator portfolio', you'll have a lot of professional portfolios in the results. 
Look at them, find the style you like and contact the illustrator.
In the contact form, put all the info listed above, so you'll have a good estimate.
If you can't afford the illustrator you want, look at more portfolios but don't ask them to do the work in the style of the one you can't afford. Art is personal.

Good luck!

October 14, 2017

Fanart sketches

Today I'll upload 3 sketches from fictional characters :)

1. Picachu
Pikachu sketch

2. Nippur
Nippur sketch

3. Freddy Krueger
Freddy sketch

(This one is inked in my portfolio)
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October 9, 2017